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At the SIFF Film Center
February 16, 2013

Female centric and eccentric shorts presented by Women in Film Seattle. Films are programed in six intriguing sections: Family Ties, Transitions & Journeys, Just Who Am I?, We're Only Human, What's Up Doc? and Ah, Romance! A day of great films from around the world and around the block.

11:00 Doors Open
Welcome: 11:30 am
Program begins: 11:40 am

(Timings and a film or two are subject to some variation.)


Betty Banned Sweets

Dramedy, New Zealand 2008 | 15:17
Michelle Savill, director/writer
Sometimes the best party is the one you don't want.
Seattle Premiere

The Cake

Drama, UK 2011 | 9:00
Ester Richardson, director/writer
In a Polish grocery store a sad battle wages over the last Babka.
(Based on a story by Daniel Lyons)

Ohos Que No Ven (Eyes That Don't See)

Comedy, Spain 2012 | 15:00
Natalia Mateo, director/writer
All families have secrets. What's the harm in another little lie?


Comedy, Canada 2011 | 11:00
Megan Wennburg, director/writer
A dispute over a grandfather's ashes is solved by a determined little girl.
Seattle Premiere

The Curiosity of Penny Parker

Comedy, Canada 2009 | 6:00
Paul Lachowich, director
Penny is having an unusual day and decides to test a nursery rhyme.

12:40 BREAK


Red Summer

Drama, UK/USA 2011 | 15:00
Vanessa McMeekin, Seattle director/writer
Something in the world has gone wrong and young Daniel faces the questionable future.

Go the Dogs

Drama, New Zealand 2011 | 14:30
Jackie van Beek, director/writer
A young girl with autism embarks on a unique adventure.
NW Premiere


Drama, USA 2011 | 11:08
Susana Casares, director/student
11 yr-old Lily's body and life are changing and she finds herself in a situation she tried to avoid.
NW Premiere

Hair (the Importance of…)

Documentary, Sweden 2010 | 16:00
Christina Höglund, director
How important is it? How does it define us?
Subtitled • US Premiere


Drama, Japan, 2012 | 20:00
Mitsuyo Miyazaki, director/writer/producer
In postwar Japan, Tsuyako, a factory worker and mother, must decide between duty and love, her family and her freedom.

J'Attendrai le Suivant (I'll Wait for the Next One)

Drama, France 2002 | 4:30
Phillipe Orreindy, director
Pulled from the Post Alley Film Festival vault, an Academy Award nominated short.
On the metro, a man announces he's looking for relationship. A woman passenger is interested.

2:20 LUNCH BREAK (45 min.)


Make Me a Doorway

Experimental, USA 2012 | 3:36
Jesse Brooks, director Alexzenia Davis, writer/poet
Identities revealed with spunk.
Seattle Premiere

Ana Lily Amirpour Likes This

Experimental, USA 2012 | 6:28
Ana Lily Amirpour, director
A contemplation of facebook and twitter: how they let us create alternate versions of ourselves.
Seattle Premiere

Elaine Rides Again

Dramedy, New Zealand 2008 | 15:17
Michelle Savill, director/writer/producer
Life's not always a sweet ride, but it could be.
Seattle Premiere

Solo Se Que No Se Nada (All I Know is that I Know Nothing)

Comedy, Spain 2011 | 14:00
Olatz Arroyo, director
Sofia is a widowed mom whose life changes after reading her son's philosophy textbook.
Subtitled •


Comedy, Australia 2008 | 7:30
Sandy Wydnayata, director/visual effect artist
A story about the obsession for the perfect body.
Seattle Premiere


Skjut Mig (Shoot Me)

Drama, Sweden 2006 | 13:30
Anna Hylander, director Carin Brack, writer
Bank robber Alex didn't consider plan B involving the determined old woman driving by that day.
Subtitled • US Premiere

J'Aurais Pu être une Pute (I Could've Been a Hooker)

Baya Kasmi, director/writer
Drama, France 2011 | 24:30
A young woman buys a pair of garden shears. What's in store for her former piano teacher?
Subtitled • Seattle Premiere

4:45 BREAK



Narrative, USA 2010 | 3:00
Megan Griffiths, Seattle director
Set to a recording by 60's beat poet Rod McKuen, Eros stylishly examines the rituals of a mysterious man preparing for an evening of questionable purpose.

Stupid Chainsaw Tricks

Comedy, Canada 2010 | 9:31
Kelle Ann Benz, director
Shot as part of the annual Vancouver film race: Crazy 8's; selected filmmakers have 8 days to shoot, edit, and deliver their film. Two bored suburban husbands seek immortality via the internet.
US Premiere

Red Flag

Comedy, USA 2008 | 11:00
Sheila Curran Dennin, director/writer
Beware when looking for Mr. Right.
NW Premiere


Comedy, USA 20 | 3:00
Joselyn Jansons, director
Hey, what's for dinner?
NW Premiere


Still Playing

Documentary, USA 2012 | 5:20
Dacia Saenz, Seattle director
An experimental romp through the soul of pinball.

Yelp: with Apologies to Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"

Documentary, USA 2011 | 3:00
Tiffany Shlain, director. Peter Coyote narrates.
"Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse." - Sophocles
This is certainly true of technology.
Seattle Premiere

Gandhi at the Bat

Mocumentary, USA 2006 | 10:45
Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm directors
Based on Chet Williamson's short story about Monades K. Gandhi's top secret 1933 trip to the US.
Seattle Premiere

Yelp and Ghandi at the Bat were programmed at PAFF 2012 but were not screened so we are screening them in 2013.

5:25 BREAK


Fábrica de Muñecas (Dolls Factory)

Dramedy, Spain 2011 | 11:00
Ainhoa Menendez, director
A change at the doll factory throws Anna's life into a spin.
In English

2nd Best

Comedy, USA 2012 | 8:00
Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, director
A pesky set of IKEA instructions, an empty fridge, and one too many questions test one couple's patience.

Lunch Date

Comedy, UK 2011 | 11:08
Sasha Collington, director/writer
Some times lunch isn't a date.
Seattle Premiere

Mi Otra Mitad (My Other Half)

Comedy, Spain 2010 | 18:00
Beatriz Sanchis, director
Two young lovers-to-be see the world through each other's eyes, kind of.
Subtitles • US Premiere

193 Centimeters (6'4")

Experimental, Sweden 2012 | 6:14
A sensual landscape explored. He lounges. They talk. Will they move in together? A romance over the phone.
NW Premiere

The Date

Narrative, USA 2012 | 3:38
Brittany Alsot and Quillan Olin, directors (shot on film as students at Seattle Film Institute)
A Silent Seattle Valentine.
World Premiere


Dramedy, USA 2012 | 7:15
Michal Lavi, director
Sometimes you're just stuck for better or for worse.
Seattle Premiere

The Delivery

Comedy, USA 2006 | 10:00
Virginia Bogert, director
Never underestimate the power of the written word, nor a little bit of chocolate…some notes, a mouse, and a greater gift work their magic.
A SIFF Fly Film


Hope you love the festival, enjoy the raffle and silent auction, which continued all day. Now it's time for film chat and auction results.

PAFF announces a tie!

Audience Choice Winners 2013:
Tsuyako, a drama by Mitsuyo Miyazaki, director/writer/producer
Lunch Date, a comedy by Sasha Collington, director/writer