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4th Annual Post Alley Film Festival 2007

Our 2007 line-up of sensational films:

It’s All Relative. Director: Lisa Hardmeyer
A Girl Like Me. Director: Kiri Davis
Archival Film Journal. Director: Zora Neale Hurston
Tootie Pie. Director: Virginia Bogert
Free Parking. Director: Laura Jean Cronin
Undressing My Mother. Director: Ken Wardrop - Jury Award
Small Town Secrets. Director: Katherine Leggett
Cries from Ramah. Director: Loren E. Chamida
What Happened on 23rd Street
Rent’s Due. Director: Andy McCone
Alibi. Director: Sue Cocoran
Gorgeous Labour of Love. Director: Stacy Harrison
Banos. Director: Stephanie Kese
...Loves Martha. Director: T. J. Martin
Super Anon. Director: Stephen H. Plitt
Full Disclosure. Director: Douglas Horn - Audience Choice
Peep Show. Director: Charlie Call
Slip of the Tongue. Director: Karen Lum
The Pact. Director: Stephanie Kese
Paperboat. Director: Daphne Lambrinou
Fallen. Director: Allison Beda
J’Attendrai le Suivant. Director: Phillippe Orreindy
Tea Party. Director: Allison Beda
The Cat. Director: Fransizka-Maria Apprich
Henri. Director: Will Bradon
She's a Dog. Director: Sue Corcoran
Three Seconds, My Arse. Director: Anna McCaughtry
A Gift from Santa. Director: Suzanne Hensler